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Business owners and individuals seeking to complete traffic control courses for Melbourne, Victoria and VIC should consider training with Gascoigne Training and Assessment. The course offered by GTA addresses the skills and competencies involved in traffic control using a stop / slow bat to ensure the safety of maintenance, construction and other workers in dangerous environments.

Victoria, VIC and Melbourne traffic control courses involve participation in an 8 hour workshop taught by an experienced trainer and training team. Instructors use presentations along with small work group and practical activities to ensure student involvement and understanding of the material being shown.

What Is involved in Traffic Control Courses for Victoria, Melbourne and VIC Students?

Students attending the traffic control courses offered by Gascoigne Training and Assessment will learn key topics such as an overview of OHS responsibilities and roles, principles of traffic controlling, working with road users, hazard and risk management, and site traffic management plans. Students are expected to come to class with a willingness to learn and a commitment to actively participate in all activities. Since most training is done with a ‘hands-on’ approach, participation and active role playing are crucial components of successfully gaining a firm grasp on the material being presented.

Students will find the traffic control courses for VIC, Melbourne and Victoria participants to be interesting, insightful and practical. To ensure students receive the proper amount of training, assessments will be conducted for each participant at key points during the course. Methods of assessment include written tests and projects, observation by a qualified assessor, verbal questions, feedback, class exercises, role plays, and supervisor or third party reports.

Traffic Control / Management Refresher Course Also Offered

For those already working in the traffic control field, Gascoigne Training & Assessment offers a refresher course designed to update certification and keep traffic controllers current on rules and regulations. Certain traffic control codes are not accepted for the refresher courses, so potential students will need to check with GTA prior to enrollment to ensure acceptance.

Once enrolled, students of the traffic control / management refresher course will review key topics such as an overview of OHS roles and responsibilities, site traffic management, hazard and risk management, principles of traffic control, monitoring traffic flow, and more. The course is spread out over a span of two workshops, each four hours long. Students must pass the instructor assessment at the end of the course and complete a written test with satisfactory results.

About Gascoigne Training and Assessment

Since 2002, Gascoigne Training and Assessment has developed into a well-respected Registered Training Organisation operating under the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority. A qualified, experience training staff with extensive industry experience guarantees students will receive the best possible training and assessment.

Gascoigne Training and Assessment works closely with individuals and large businesses alike to ensure each student walks away from their training course confident and knowledgeable in their area of study. In addition, since GTA works so closely with the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority, course graduates can rest assured all training received will give them the knowledge and ability to meet all federal and state regulatory standards.

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